Tanto Flipper

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Impressive blade style and eye-catching anodizing of the handle. Excellent flipper opening and frame lockup. Sweet. Blade Steel: BG 42 - Satin Finish
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Matsuoka, Scot
I grew up in Koloa, on the Garden Island of Kauai. The first knife I made was at the age of about 9 years old. I started making knives out of large nails that I found around the neighborhood. I would pound the nail flat on a piece of railroad track that my dad used as an anvil. Then I ground the blade using my dad's grinder. The finished product resembled a knife but wasn't able to cut anything.I met Hawaii knife maker Ken Onion at the 1993 Las Vegas Classic Knife Show and asked if he could teach me how to make knives. Upon returning home to Hawaii, I visited Ken at his home and Ken began teaching me the basics. Then in January 2003, after attending the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show, it rekindled my interest in knife making and I began visiting Ken Onion on a regular basis. With Ken's help and my determination, I perfected my skills with the grinder making fixed blades.In September 2003, I attended my first gun show in Honolulu selling fixed blades. There I was able to meet other knife makers from Hawaii and share thoughts and ideas.In October 2003, I started making folders with Ken Onion's guidance. You'll notice a similarity in the blade style of my first folders compared to Ken's folders but I am slowly breaking away into a style of my own.In January 2004, I attended my first Las Vegas Classic Knife Show, selling fixed blades and folders. I had a lot of fun, and was able to show my knives, get my name out, and make friends and contacts. After returning to Honolulu, I began receiving orders through email from people who saw my knives at the LVCKS. A picture of my most popular knife, the pahinui, made it onto a knife forum.In January 2005, my table at the Las Vegas show was approached by many who wanted to know more about the Ken Onion protégé.I am a part-time knife maker whose goal in life is to, one day, make knives on a full-time basis."Pictures of Scot's knives have appeared in Tactical Knives, the 2005 Knife Annual and the May 2005 issue of Blade Magazine. A full article on Scot is in the October 2006 issue of Knives Illustrated.
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Tanto Flipper