Shirogorov - Limited Edition Russian Dr. Death Arctic

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The iconic and refined design of Tom Mayo mixed with the sleek and functional Shirogorov style! The slim and streamlined Dr. Death looks amazing with a stunning Bjorkmans Twist Damasteel blade and white/gray Alutex presentation side scale. The frame has been given a contoured profile that feels incredible in hand. The titanium lockside has subtle machined pattern for a tactile feel in hand. Some Tom Mayo style with rows of drilled holes on both sides for the frame. Not only do the holes reduce overall weight, but they give a window to the Damasteel blade when the knife is folded! The spearpoint blade profile features an upper swedge grind, has a high contrasting etched/satin finish, and deploys silky smooth on the Single Row Roller Bearing System. Some Shirogorov design shows through with their Custom Devision pivot and frame hardware, and the machined titanium back spacer with partially recessed lanyard hole, jimping and blade channel. Small touches like the titanium pivot collar and titanium presentation side inlaid plate with Mayo and Shirogorov logos take this piece to the next level. The frame has extensive internal milling to cut out even more weight, making the knife come in at just 3.2 ounces! The milled titanium pocket clip to keep things in place, and features a drilled hole that corresponds with the frame holes. Steel lock bar insert doubles as a lock bar over-travel stop for a reliable and sturdy lock. Alutex/titanium frame with Mayo-style holes and internal lightening, featuring steel lock insert, for super lightweight design. Familiar Mayo profile with some Shirogorov style for a superb design. Spearpoint Damasteel blade Single Row Roller Bearing System (SRRBS) bearing pivot with hardened steel washers for super fast, butter smooth pivot. Contoured design for superb feel in hand. Custom Devision pivot and frame hardware. Machined titanium backspacer with internal groove lets the full sized blade fully tuck into the frame's profile. Machined titanium pocket clip Inlaid titanium plate with maker's marks. Comes with original box and papers. Excellent condition. #9/100
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    Previously Owned
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    Tip Up Carry, Tip Up Clip
  • Blade Material
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    Drop Point, Spear Point
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    Metallic, Twill
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Mayo, Tom
I have been making hand made knives since late 1981...but my love for knives started when I was a boy. My grandfather was always giving me a pocketknife for Christmas or my birthday and I can still remember the day he gave me a knife that he made from a file when I was about eight. He was the town doctor in Dresden, Tenn. and an avid hunter and fisherman. I have been a shooter since I was very young and make it a practice to go to the range at least once a week. It was only natural that as I grew older I began to collect more and more knives, until one day I picked up a Sports Illustrated with Bob Loveless on the cover. I had been making furniture as a hobby up until that day, but that article started me in another direction, and before long I had spent over $2500 on knife making equipment, without even starting on one knife. I struggled on my own, reading books and gleaning information where I could, buying knife supplies from various people, Glen Hornby in particular. We struck up a friendship over the phone and it wasn't long until he invited me to come visit him at his Glendale, Cal. home and spend some time making knives with him. To make a long story short, we became best of friends and I began to make the trip to California for a knife show or two every year until his tragic death on Sept 1, 1995. I will always miss him, he was a great knife maker and an even better friend. Through Glen's influence I began to develop a style that I would best describe as a direct copy of Mr. Loveless, but as the years went by I slowly fell in love with the older traditional type of knife that the Randall family makes, especially the clip point and trailing point. Today, I feel that my knives have a style all their own, but I have borrowed a lot from both of these pioneers in the knife making movement. My goal is to make an exceptionally high performance tool that is on par with the best knife makers in the country. I guarantee my work. If you have a problem we will solve it. One thing I can not guarantee is natural materials...they sometimes go where they will, especially if you live in Arizona and I live in Hawaii. I will do my best, that is my guarantee.
The knife is one of the most ancient tools of human labor, his faithful assistant and reliable friend. A knife is more than just a tool, it is an attribute of a man, a symbol of strength and a masculine principle, in the history of its development, walking side by side with man and evolving with him. Today we live in the age of high technologies, which not only provide an opportunity for a qualitatively different processing of materials, but also bring such knife requirements as reliability, convenience, practicality, quality of cutting to a new level. The Shirogorov Brothers Workshop honors the traditions and experience of leading knife manufacturers and at the same time closely monitors the development trends and needs of the knife market, offering users original original folding knives made in Russia. We are not afraid to experiment and develop, we know and love our job. Our knives are outstanding designs and unity of the concept, modern materials and advanced technologies, well-thought-out ergonomics and full-fledged functionality. In our model range, everyone can find a suitable option among the variety of complete sets that meet the most diverse requirements. That is why the knives produced by our Workshop are deservedly widely popular among not only ordinary users in Russia and abroad, but also sophisticated connoisseurs and demanding collectors, and tens of thousands of owners have been able to evaluate the high quality and convenience of our knives.
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Shirogorov - Limited Edition Russian Dr. Death Arctic