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Home Products Delta Momo Caged RiKwill LE Dragon Vein Piston Fountain Pen - #12 of 25

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Delta Momo Caged RiKwill LE Dragon Vein Piston Fountain Pen - #12 of 25

by RiKwill

SKU 1039186

Date Added 01/20/2022

# Available 1

Original price $1,125.00

Price $975.00


Delta Momo Caged RikWill Limited Edition Dragon Vein Piston Fountain Pen - 25 pieces world-wide


Crafted by hand-turned Italian celluloid - a material that results from the blending of cellulose with nitric acid, camphor, and alcohol. The celluloid takes many years to age and is fully set. Once the material has been properly aged, the resulting material has beautiful colors, light in weight, vivid and rich color, and resilience.


The cap, body, and front section are turned by hand-made solid bars of celluloid. Delta is faithful and respectful of the history and culture of Italy and created this celluloid finish in a yellow tone. This color was used in Pompeii, before the devastation of Mount Vesuvius on 24 August 79 AD.  In Pompeii, the positive effect of yellow was widely known. The ancient Romans added a special coating to light yellow to maximize its luster. As an alternative, they also used gold-colored orpiment, which even dazzles in low light. Its lavish walls were one reason why Nero’s palace was named the ‘Golden House’; the emperor himself, who adored the fine arts more than any other Roman ruler, was all too delighted to be portrayed as the sun god. 


The Pompeii celluloid is exclusively created by Delta and is one of their most popular finishes in yellow and further enhanced with black veins. In gemology circles, the pattern mimics a variety of veined agates, hence Dragon Vein. The pen is fitted with a charcoal-colored metal skeleton cage to keep it all in check.


Each fountain pen is mounted with an 18K Fusion nib - a revolution in design by Delta. The nib was developed to improve the efficiency of the fountain pen by enhancing the physical-chemical properties of ink within its assembly system. The foundation of the Fusion nib is a steel alloy covered and decorated with a layer of precious 18K gold. The ink becomes more viscous on the tip of the nib because the thermal conductivity of the precious metal plate will heat the underlying steel; the higher temperature makes the ink flow more smoothly. The combination of gold and steel on the flexible nib gives it a unique and appealing look. It is strong and durable for long writing sessions - much more so than solid gold nibs.



Launched in 2014 and limited to only 25 pieces world-wide. LIST $1,495

18K Fusion Bold/Broad nib grade (other grades maybe available upon request)

Filling Mechanism: Delta's patented ratcheting piston filling system. 


Closed: 14.5 cm

Posted: 17 cm

Diameter 1.4 cm

Weight 52 gms

Comes with original box and vial of blue ink. Excellent condition.

Product Details

Overall Length 5.625

Weight (oz) 1.7

Source Previously owned

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