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Home Products RMJ Tactical x Strider Knives: BS Breacher's Tool - Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern CPM-3V

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RMJ Tactical x Strider Knives: BS Breacher's Tool - Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern CPM-3V

by Strider Knives, RMJ Tactical, Monkey Edge

SKU 1054283

Date Added 10/05/2022

# Available 1

Original price $1,595.00

Price $1,175.00


From the Monkey Edge Website:

When two great things come together, you get something WAY more awesome than just the summation of both parts! Chocolate is good, peanut butter is good.... BUT, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are legendary! With that bar of greatness as the goal, we are pleased to announce the latest in design, construction and finish fusion: the RMJ Tactical + Strider Knives BS Breacher's Tool in CPM-3V and with Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern! TASTY!
About the Strider BS: Most breaching tools are too large to be carried by each team member or to have on hand for unplanned situations. The Strider BS Breacher's Tool was designed to be a more compact tool that can be carried and immediately deployed from a vest. The BS primary cutting edge is a typical hatchet head. However, the unique nature of the BS is in its many features. The underside of the main cutting edge is also sharp. This is so the tool can "pull cut" through wire in stucco, romex cable, lattice, etc. The top of the tool has a chisel tip to enable use as a pry bar. The rear poll has a more obtuse bevel to use for breaking up harder materials such as masonry. The bottom of the handle has a hooked pommel to keep from slipping out of the and as well as to enable the user to determine the direction of the tool by feel.

Being a Monkey Edge + Strider + RMJ Tactical project, the BS had to be in CPM-3V for toughness, and rocking some Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern for enhanced grip! RMJ Tactical added some of their signature goodness to the BS, like a slight size tweaks and the full-length grip. Full features of the BS are:

  • Multi-use head profile purpose built for breaching, prying and smashing.
  • Forward cutting edge, lower sharpened 'beard' for pull-cutting (not for choking up, but for hooking), rear wedge breaker, and top pry bar.
  • Smaller hatchet profile for easy carry on your person or in your kit.
  • CPM-3V construction for extreme use and abuse capability.
  • Hooked handle for easy retention during shock, twisting and fatigue.
  • Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern full length handle scales for enhanced grip, wherever you grab it.
  • Removable handle for easy maintenance.
  • Cerakote finish for low profile look and corrosion resistance.
  • Kydex sheath for versatile carry.

About CPM 3V: The three criteria for steels are toughness (impact), wear resistance (edge retention), and corrosion resistance and it is a balancing act between them when using a material for knives. CPM 3V has wear resistance (edge retention) that is comparable to the standard S30V. However, the toughness of CPM 3V far exceeds all of the other common blade steels (by like a factor of 3). The trade off (remember that it is a balancing act) is that it has a lower chromium content and is not as stain resistant and corrosion resistant as the S30V. Before you have a heart attack about that fact and think that it will rust by looking at it, just remember that most guns are in fact NOT stainless steel. Whole bunches of folks have been killed with M1 Garands and 1911's that were not stainless steel. CPM 3V is still an alloy steel so will not corrode like a normal carbon steel. So take care of your gear and it will take care of you. CPM 3V is THE hard use steel. For more information, download the Crucible Data Sheet on CPM 3V


  • Overall Length: 5 in
  • Overall Height: 13 in
  • Forward Cutting Edge Length: 3.75 in
  • Blade Thickness: .250 in
  • Weight: 1 pound 11 ounces (without sheath)
  • Blade Material: CPM-3V
  • Handle: G10 with Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern
  • Sheath: Molded kydex sheath and Low-Ride M.O.C. straps

New from Monkey Edge Drop. 

Product Details

Blade Length 3.75

Overall Length 13

Weight (oz) 27.1

Source From maker

Additional Specs

Knife Type Full Tang, Has Sheath

Blade Material 3V

Blade Details Axe

Handle Material G10

About the Maker

Strider Knives
Strider Knives

Strider Knives is a privately owned and operated company devoted solely to the development and construction of edged tools designed to survive use in the harshest of conditions. The company was founded and is currently operated by former military personnel. The initial goal was to provide a field service knife constructed with the finest components available, yet affordable to the average enlisted man and within his maintenance abilities. The initial goal having been met, Strider Knives found a ready market for custom-edged weapons and tools with the same component quality requirements as the first highly successful field knives. Many of Striders available edged tools are drawn from customer's specific design requirements. Others are simply the company's ability to look at a potential work environment and design a prototype to be tested and assessed by the workers of that environment. The background of Strider Knives founders enables the company to assess requirements in diverse fields ranging from the average line soldier/marine through special operations, law enforcement and hunting to commercial diving. Various Strider designs have met and exceeded the requirements in each of these fields.

RMJ Tactical
RMJ Tactical

"RMJ Tactical LLC was founded in 2005 by Ryan Johnson and Richard Carmack for one reason, to provide our troops with tools which help bring them back home. RMJ Tactical specializes in tomahawks. Ryan Johnson is the President and designer for our company. He is an expert blacksmith as well as a mechanical engineer. Mr. Johnson's background in engineering gives us a enormous advantage when it comes to the design of our tomahawks. Ever single detail on our products has been designed and engineered for a purpose."

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